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Since obtaining the import and export self- running right on July 21st, 2003, through institutional innovation, mechanism innovation and management innovation, our company takes high-efficiency, high-quality and high-benefits as the base point and innovation as the motive power, obey the behavior standard of “people foremost, keeping honest and faithful, pulling together in times of trouble and making effort to innovate and advance”, bring the personnel’s initiative and creativity into full play, make great effort to extend the import and export business as well as effectively keep away from the foreign trade risks, constantly upgrade the business’ running quality, and promote the enterprise’s healthy and benign competition.

Our company import and export business service matters include document operation, merchandiser,customs declaration,commodity inspection, logistics, receipt and payment of foreign exchange and export tax refund,applying for the import license and other relevant specific matters. At present,we have more than one hundred parters at home and abroad with the stable business,and the involved import and export products are mainly divided into four parts,that is mechanical and electrical products, steel products, chemical products, textiles and clothing. The amount of import and export trade has added up to 20 million dollars yearly. The main purchasing areas are Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Hunan, Anhui, Guangzhou and other regions. The main export areas are America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and africa,etc.. In addition, our import products are mainly valves and their components, aerospace equipment, teaching equipment and clothing materials, etc., and the main import countries are Germany, the United States and India,ect..


Compared with the same industry, our company mainly has the some advantages

as following:

1. The professional advantage: Our merchandisers have been engaged in foreign trade for many years, with rich experience, familiar with relevant national policies, import and export scheme,which can help customers to design the best import and export program and the most professional advice and maximize the cost savings for you.


2. The efficiency advantage:Our company’s import and Export Department has the BOC online banking system, real-time tracking of foreign exchange funds, acceptance, settlement. The tax refund work is handled by a special person to ensure the efficient and smooth operation of the business.


3. The advantages of funds:Our company is rich in funds, tax refund can be advanced if the documents are complete. At the same time, under the premise of the guarantee of capital return, we can provide funds to cooperate with customers to build their business.


4. Security advantages: As a large state-owned enterprise, the customer's capital security, return of profits, business information can be effectively guaranteed.


5. Freight forwarding advantages:Our company is located in Shanghai, and the transportation is convenient, with a number of first-class freight forwarding and shipping companies to maintain close relations of cooperation, transportation, customs clearance, documents, operations and other fast, low prices.


6.Certificates handling advantages: Our company has good social relations and can handle all kinds of certificate of origin and all kinds of import and export licenses for you, in order to remove inconveniences from the customs, inspection, transportation of the various . At the same time, we also can apply for the Canton fair or fair booth and East China Fair booth according to customer needs .


Yueda people put their own corporate culture condensed into one word:" reaching out felicity and integrity to the world ". This is not only a high degree of generalization of Yueda culture, but also a solemn commitment to the society. We warmly welcome factories and mines enterprises, companies or individuals who have no import and export right to cooperate with us, and use the excellent credit platform of Yueda to work together for win-win and common development.


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