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Shanghai Yueda New Industrial Group Co., Ltd was registered in Shanhgai in April, 2003, and completed the reorganization in August 2006. And it is a large scale domestic capital enterprise invested and founded by Jiangsu Yueda Group Co., Ltd, to comply with the situation that China’s economy is rapidly developing, bring Yueda Group’ overall advantages into full play, make use of the advantages of Shanghai’s talented people, information, funds, policies and etc., expand the enterprise size and the new development space.

Shanghai Yueda New Industrial Group Co., Ltd is oriented in the group 
company, which is the energy base as the leading factor, the leading independent
investment subject, and Yueda group headquarters in Shanghai. Its industries
involved in energy resources, new energy, trade business, quasi- financial industry. At present, Shanghai Yueda New Industrial Group Co., Ltd is the shareholding company of 6 coal mines, 2 new energy enterprises, 2 trade enterprises, 2 quasi- financial enterprises. And it has gradually developed into one group company,

which has the annual sales of more than 10 million tons of coal, sales revenue of over 5 billion yuan, total profit of over 1 billion yuan ,with a certain influence and the overall strength of the group company. It has become the investment and management center and district economy development headquarters of Jiangsu Yueda Group in Shanghai area.

During the 13th Five-Year plan period, Shanghai Yueda New Industrial Group 
Co., Ltd. will actively respond to the management and deployment accoring to
the "Platform specialization” proposed by Yueda Group, make the coal industry 
finer and stronger, develop on a new road with green mining and the efficient
use, transform and develop the new energy industry, take a new path of 
industrial transformation and innovation development, rely on the capital market of Shanghai, take a new road of industrial operation and capital integration, accelerate constructing one integrated energy company with great competition, make great contribution to achieve the grand goal, that is “two hundred billion and world- class Yueda Group”.