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Located in Pingliang city of Gansu Province, where is the junction of Shaanxi, Gansu, and Ningxia province. It was incorporated in February 2, 2010 with the  registered capital 600 million yuan. In 2012, it was formed as a joint venture  by Jiangsu Yueda Group and Jiugang Group, and its registered capital was  increased from 600 million to 1 billion yuan. The company will establish the   pattern of pluralistic development, that the company is based on coal resources  development, vigorously develop the circular economy, in order to extendedly  develop coal-fired power, coal-chemical industry and building materials based  on production and processing of coal. It will be aimed at building up one  economic industry chain coal - coal gangue power plant, coal chemical industry building materials industry circular economy industrial chain, that is coal -  gangue power plant- coal chemical industry - building materials industry.